Frances Deverell, Joe Parchelo, Rev. John Marsh, Sherri Watson, Jennifer Channing and Jo Wood

Action Campaigns

Election 2015

Canadians go to the polls October 19th, 2015.  Are you ready?  Visit our Election 2015 page for ideas.

Climate Change Action

Climate Change is the most important issue we must confront as a civilized society.  As Unitarians, we believe that humans are responsible for their actions and that we have a moral imperative to act. No one can predict the future; the universe is too complex. What we can do is take responsibility for ourselves, and be engaged in the political life of our society.  See our action strategies on our Climate Action Page.

CUSJ signs on to Joint Statement with Other Climate Groups calling on the Federal Government for stronger leadership leading up to Paris and COP 21

 Palestine and Israel

Many congregations have been holding educational events, trying to understand how to move towards justice and peace for Palestinians in the Middle East.  We have posted some sample programs for you to consider.  CUSJ is a supporter of Canadians For Justice and Peace in the Middle East and Independent Jewish Voices.

Promoting Co-ops

The countries that are moving most quickly to a fossil fuel free future are getting there by building it themselves, through co-ops.  See our Co-operatives page.

Social Action Movie Night

We have many movies to entertain and educate on all the social action issues of our day.