CUSJ Focuses on Climate Action!



Come to Ottawa November 29th, 2015 and send a message to Trudeau that 100% Renewable Energy is Possible.

Or join the World Wide Climate March in your own city.

More Details and Actions you can take on our Climate Action Page

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More CUSJ action campaigns

  • Democracy:  Success!  Proportional Representation on the political agenda.  Mr. Harper is “gone, gone, gone!” We have elected a government where we have a chance to reclaim our democracy and the Canada we love and cherish.  The next focus on our Democracy Campaign will be to ensure we get a proportional voting system.
  • First Nations Reconcilliation (Action Page under development.)

 CUSJ President’s  PRESS RELEASE 2015 09 17 on the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS.

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The Silencing of Dissent
AGM 2015 keynote speaker Bruce Campbell