Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice (CUSJ) was formed in 1996 when about 70 members of five Unitarian Universalist Congregations and Fellowships of Greater Toronto met to discuss their concern with government cuts to social services.

The founding group, of about 35 members, felt that more must be done by Unitarians within their churches and the greater community to protect the social programs that define Canada as a civilized and compassionate nation. From its modest beginning, the CUSJ has grown into a national organization with membership extending from Coast to Coast. Our membership now numbers approximately 350 (in 306 households) representing 44 Congregations and Fellowships.

Unitarians have a proud history of being in the forefront of the struggle for social change and justice. CUSJ follows in the footsteps of our forebears by keeping their spirit very much alive.

History CUSJ Part I

History Part II The Founding and Early years of CUSJ

History Part III CUSJ goes national

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