Canada can Electrify by 2035

The David Suzuki Foundation has done the research and come up with a report that Canada can easily be 100% renewable power in electricity by 2035 and meet all our needs for electrification of home heating and electric vehicles with existing technology.  We can do even better with emerging technologies.  See the full report here.

YouTube Accessible Housing Webinar Live

  Watch our YouTube of the Accessible Housing Webinar: Here For a full description go to: CUSJ held a webinar on February 19, 2022 about Accessible Housing in Canada. Synopsis: There is no law in Canada requiring that any housing be accessible, despite the fact that more than 22% of Canadians have a disability. … Read more YouTube Accessible Housing Webinar Live

CUSJ Takes Action

Your CUSJ Board is monitoring key issues that are continually developing in the world and working with our partners to create pressure on government and other bodies on those issues.  To see what issues we are working on, go to CUSJ Priorities. Following are a few links to actions we have taken recently: Action to … Read more CUSJ Takes Action

Report on COP 26 by Ahti Tolvanen

Faith Tested: Deep Throat and Zombie Credits in Glasgow. by Ahti Tolvanen, CUSJ Delegate to COP26 It began on Halloween. I was pleased to be the sole representative, of Canadian Unitarians and CUSJ on site- as well as at meetings on the COP Interfaith Liason Committee.  I was also honored to accept an invitation to … Read more Report on COP 26 by Ahti Tolvanen

Catherine Hembling Arrested

CUSJ stands with former member Catherine Hembling (80 years old) (lower right speaking at the microphone). She was one of the Brunette Six who defied the court injunction, stood in the way of the Transmountain (TMX) pipeline and was arrested.  She is currently serving 14 days in jail for her protest. She began her statement … Read more Catherine Hembling Arrested

Accessible Housing Human Right

  October 13, 2021 UNITARIANS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE SAY ACCESSIBLE HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice urge government to comply with UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Members of Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice (CUSJ) have voted unanimously to urge the governments of Canada and all … Read more Accessible Housing Human Right

Compelling Case for PR

CUSJ’s partner, Fair Vote Canada, makes a compelling case for Proportional Representation in Canada by comparing the results of the recent Canadian federal election with the recent election in Germany, a country that has had a proportional system of representation since the Second World War. See Full Article Here Germany and Canada: A sharp contrast … Read more Compelling Case for PR

Transportation Torture

This blog is by CUSJ Board member Jim Sannes,  a long-time activist for reducing our meat intake and caring better for the animals we do raise for meat.  Reducing meat intake and moving from industrial agriculture to agro-ecology are essential strategies in the struggle to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Originally published in The Canadian Coalition … Read more Transportation Torture

CUSJ Demands Climate Action

CUSJ Joins 200 Organizations to Send A Letter to John Horgan Asking For Climate Action   Thanks to the Tyee for printing the open letter Tackling the climate crisis offers an opportunity to generate new economic and social wealth as the province transforms where its energy comes from and how it is used, writes the … Read more CUSJ Demands Climate Action

CUSJ Supports First Nations Children

CANADIAN UNITARIANS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice is a national, faith-based organization that advocates for peace and justice in Canada and in the world. STATEMENT 2021 09 25 We were very troubled and saddened by the revelation of 215 unmarked graves at the site of what was once the Kamloops Residential School … Read more CUSJ Supports First Nations Children

CUSJ Supports Coalition for Violence Prevention

PRESS RELEASE. 2021 03 09 Petition Launched to Free Canada from Violence. (Sign the Petition here) A broad group of Canadians is calling on the public to sign a petition to free Canada from violence. They include victim advocates, public health, faith-based communities, social justice, municipalities, and academics. Rev. Frances Deverell led the creation of … Read more CUSJ Supports Coalition for Violence Prevention

CUSJ Speaks on Hassan Diab

On January 27, 2021, France’s court of appeal ruled that Canadian professor Hassan Diab must stand trial for a 1980 bombing outside a synagogue in Paris. This decision comes three years after a lower court dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence, and released him. Diab returned to Canada. The latest court decision is … Read more CUSJ Speaks on Hassan Diab


Permits for the Keystone XL pipeline have been cancelled by US president Biden this week, citing climate change as the reason. CUSJ has joined a coalition of climate activist groups to demand Justin Trudeau cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project for the same reason.  Oil companies will be pulling out all stops to … Read more CUSJ JOINS COALITION TO CANCEL TMX

CUSJ Supports Cuban Medical Teams for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

CUSJ Supports the Council of Canadians in its campaign to promote the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for the Cuban Medical Teams, known as the Henry Reeve Brigades, who have mobalized thousands of Cuban medical personnel who have the skills and training to deal with a variety of global calamities including pandemics.  The program to train … Read more CUSJ Supports Cuban Medical Teams for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

CUSJ Joins CANRAC for Green New Deal

  The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada Langevin Block Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2 The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, P.C., M.P. Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Minister of Finance House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 CC. Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister Catherine McKenna, Minister Steven Guilbeault Dear Prime Minister and Deputy Prime … Read more CUSJ Joins CANRAC for Green New Deal