JUSTnews – Autumn 2007 – Vol 11, No. 1

Justnews Vol. 11 No. 1

Cover Story

Government by Greed by Silver Donald Cameron :  An analysis of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, what policies it really represents.  Is this what Canadians want?

Other Articles

Euro English

Ontario Votes on MMP,

City of Yellowknife Votes Against TILMA, CCPA Monitor

Guaranteed Livable Income by Cindy L’Hirondelle

Needed – A Spiritual Re-Awakening by Barb Taylor

Unitarians in Action Across Canada

Framing to Win by Murray Dobbin

Solutions to Global Warming and Climate Change – PEKS

How We Act by Jeremy Smith

Citizens Go Solar in Toronto by Tyler Hamilton

RAWA – Hope for Afghanistan by Sharon Flatt

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