JustNews -Winter 2009-10- Vol 13, No. 2

JUSTnews -Winter 2009-10- Vol 13, No. 2 Climate Change (will open in its own window)

Cover Story

Time to Change “Climate Change” by George Monbiat :  Makes the case it is not just climate change, but cliamte breakdown.

Other Articles

Letters to the Editor regarding a previous article — Civilization in Crisis

Grampa and the Glacier by James F. Lavers

Must We Fly to the Canadian Unitarian Council ACM? by Jackie McDonald

Hell, Explained by a Chemistry Student

Interfaith Youth Corps Works to Achieve 6th Millennium Development Goal by Erica Spracklin


We mistakenly printed the article in this issue on solar panels made out of human hair.  The article was a hoax.  We apologize for having failed to adequately research the article before we printed it.

The Editor.

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