Food security and the Wheatboard

CUSJ has added a new page on Food Security.  There are many important issues facing our society on our food system, food prices, the quality of food, the way it is produced, and the way food is distributed.  Our food security page outlines the basic issues and then links you to groups that are trying to do something about it.

Farmers are in a desperate, last ditch attempt to save the Canadian Wheat Board.  They want to retain supply management control over the price of wheat for better security for farmers.  By eliminating the Wheatboard Harper will subject the products it controls to the volatility of the market and commodity speculators in an increasingly volatile market.  Support the National Farmer’s Union campaign.

Support the CBAN campaign against allowing low levels of unapproved GMO foods to contaminate our food supply.

Read the reports from USC Canada on international food policy issues.


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