CUSJ Endorses CCC Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change

Religious leaders from all faiths, through the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC), are encouraging the Canadian Government to take action and exercise leadership in the area of climate change.  The science is solid, telling us that if we do not turn this boat around and reduce our greenhouse gases, there will be dire consequences around the world.  We are already seeing the results in more intense catastrophic climate events around the world.  It is up to us in the Western World to show leadership.  It is unfair that we create the pollution and people in the developing world pay the price.

 We have to face up to our responsibilities.

CUSJ takes the position that Tar Sands, Coal, and Nuclear are not the answer.  We must focus our attention on renewable energy and speed up the transition to a new economy.  All sectors of our economy, including manufacturing and agriculture, need strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas production.  One of the best ways in the agricultural sector to achieve this is to reduce beef production and especially grain-fed beef production.

See our letter of endorsement

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