Support Lead Now campaign against Omnibus crime bill

CUSJ encourages all its members to sign up for Thursday, November 24th at 1pm and join others in presenting a petition of over 100,000 Canadians to your MP opposing this bill.

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1 thought on “Support Lead Now campaign against Omnibus crime bill”

  1. Dear Prime Minister and Minister of Justice,

    I am deeply concerned about the proposed omnibus Crime Bill. Already our jails are full of people that should not be there, people who suffer from mental illness and/or systemic poverty and discrimination. In BC, our social assistance rates are so low, many people cannot survive without breaking the law.
    Under the proposed crime legislation the most vulnerable (people with mental illness and First Nations’ persons) will be hardest hit. These two groups are already disproportionally represented in the jails.
    I am also concerned that putting non-violent people in jail will not rehabilitate them, but will expose them to other hardened criminals and pull them in deeper to the criminal lifestyle.
    I would rather see my tax dollars spent on social programs such as subsidized housing, child care, mental health services, and income and education supports than spent on punishing people that our society neglected back when they needed assistance, often as young children.
    I believe a more effective and less expensive way to reduce crime over the long term is to focus on reducing inequality in Canadian Society. Although Canada is not as unequal as the USA, the gap between the rich and poor in Canada is growing rapidly.
    Robyn Newton


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