CUSJ supports Hassan Diab

Hassan Diab Needs Our Help Now!

At its board meeting of January 8th, 2011, CUSJ voted to send a letter of support to the Minister of Justice on behalf of Dr. Hassan Diab.

April 6th, Minister Rob Nicholson decided to issue the extradition order.  Mr. Diab is ordered to return to France.  According to the Ottawa Citizen, he is going there to be interrogated, not to be charged and tried.  They still have not completed their investigation.  Because of the special powers of police in all the developed countries in cases of terrorism, Diab fears pressure to confess, in a judicial system where the standards of evidence are lower than in Canada. (Including using “evidence” that has been derived from torture.)   He has 30 days to initiate a judicial appeal.  The next step is the Supreme Court of Canada where he will test all the legal points that have not yet been addressed in the minister’s decision.

See our Human Rights page for more information and actions you can take to support Dr. Diab.  If , on reading the facts, you believe we should not extradite Mr. Diab and we should update our extradition laws, please write your local or a national newspaper on his behalf.

Human Rights Page

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