Toronto Chapter promotes action on climate change

Toronto Chapter posts invitation to join in a fast

— a protest to promote more action on climate change.  See our new Environment Page.

Starts Friday, September 21st at 8:00 am at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  Goes till October 2nd.

Is your chapter taking action on climate change or other serious environmental issues?  Help us publish your efforts on our new Environment page.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Chapter promotes action on climate change”

  1. This fast sounds great, fast during the day but at night sneak out for MacDonald s. Like the Occupy protesters, they sat in tents during the day but at night they’d sneak out and have warm showers and sleep in a warm clean bed. In the morning they’d sneak back into their tents before dawn. What a joke.

    • Hi Klem. I agree that would be hypocritical if you said you were doing a complete fast and then you cheated. However I don’t think you have caught the spirit of this action. If you go to the website ( and look under fasting you will see that people can choose the most appropriate type of fast for them including giving up their car for a period. They can choose the length and type of fast that suits their health and circumstance. The point is participation, not being Gandhi. They invite you to use the fast for spiritual reflection as well as cleansing the body. We need a lot of people to spend some time reflecting on their lifestyle and climate change and how we are going to gather the world energies to face the challenges that climate change will create. I hope people outside of Ottawa will consider engaging in the fast (whatever type they choose) as a group so they can use the opportunity to reflect together.


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