CUSJ Supports First Nations Goals

2013 01 12  First Nations Page updated with results of meetings between Harper and Shawn Atleo and with an excellent handbill on the consequences of Bill C-45 which the First Nations want many parts of to be repealed.

CUSJ joins with First Nations. We support their goals to have treaty rights upheld, to have fair and proper consultations on matters affecting their territories, to have land claims settled.  Here is our Letter to Prime Minister Harper.  We are calling for negotiations with First Nations Leaders for a real and fair economic, education, health, and environmental accord with provinces and the Federal Government.  January 4th, 2013

We hope they will avert a disaster regarding Chief Spence’s hunger strike (currently at day 24.)  While we do not condone fasting unto death because we value human life, we hope that the Federal Government will use this opportunity to initiate funamental change in our relations with First Nations.

See Letter to John Duncan

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