Co-ops are the route to the future we want

By Frances Deverell

When people asked why Europe was able to move so quickly into renewable energy, the answer was co-ops.  Why wasn’t there more resistance to windmills in Europe and Scandanavia? Because the initiatives were community based and co-ops.  How do you get a new type of initiative going if the mainstream corporations won’t touch it?  Co-ops.  It’s a lot of work.  It takes commitment to participative decision-making and shared responsibility.  But co-ops put good jobs and a sound local economy in place for the long term.

Renewable Energy Co-ops

Energy co-ops provide 100% renewable energy.

Local Food Co-ops

Food co-ops provide local, organically grown food that promotes biodiversity.

See our AGM 2013 in Calgary

Interested in starting a new Co-op?  Get information on what’s involved at the Canadian Cooperative Association

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