Dying with dignity: Quebec tables legislation


Dying with Dignity Rally 2013 03 04June 12, 2013 – Just moments ago, the National Assembly of Quebec tabled Bill 52, historic legislation in support of better end-of-life care, including the right to medically assisted dying for the grievously ill. The tabling of the bill was met with a standing ovation. If this legislation becomes law, Quebec will become the first Canadian jurisdiction to legalize medically assisted dying. This draft legislation could become law by as early as the end of the calendar year.You can read more and see the Bill 52 legislation here: (Wanda Morris,Executive Director | Dying With Dignity)

March 4, 2013 – Wanda Morris (a Unitarian and ED of Dying with Dignity) speaks to the crowd outside the courthouse as the BC High Court hears the Federal appeal against a lower court decision that favours the right to choose assisted death at the end of life. Galina Coffee Lewis from Victoria holds the “Archaic Laws” sign.

Canadian Unitarian Council List of Resources on the Death and Dying Issue.

Brief to the BC Supreme Court 2012 06 15

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