ClimateFast 2013


CUSJ has renewed its involvement with Climatefast for 2013.

Take the pledge and fast between September 21st and October 2nd 2013 on Parliament Hill or wherever they are.  We fast to focus our energy and the energy of others toward a healthier planet and a healthier relationship with our only home.  Take 12 days to practice lightening your footprint.  Will you join the action in your city?  Go to ClimateFast for ideas on carbon-fasting and food-fasting as well as what individuals and organizations can do to support the action.  Let us work to raise general public awareness of the consequences of climate change and the urgent action required to stop the escalation.  We want real leadership from our politicians to plan a transition to a renewable energy economy.  Write, or even better visit your MP.  Talk with your family and friends.  Invite your church or fellowship to support the campaign.  See the full opportunity on our CUSJ ACTION PAGE.

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