Election 2015: Get informed, take action

Get Informed

CUSJ Press Release:  2015 05 18 Unanimous vote to work for proportional representation at AGM

Get involved!

Fair Vote Canada CampaignMakeEveryVoteCount

CUSJ supports the Fair Vote Canada “Make Every Vote Count Campaign.  Stephen Harper has demonstrated he no longer has to listen to Canadians–even those elected to parliament.  He makes major announcements directly to business interests. He refuses to acknowledge the rights of parliament to know, to review, and to discuss all public policy. We need to create a voting system based on proportional representation where every vote contributes to the electing of a representative.  We believe this will create a more civil, collaborative parliament, and many countries around the world already demonstrate this.

Lead Now Campaign

Many Unitarians are working on the ground across the country with  LEAD NOW’s Vote Together .  They have selected 17 ridings to work on, and as they are better funded they are adding ridings to poll.  Contact Lead Now to find out if you live near one of those ridings and can support their on-the-ground campaign.

Host An All Candidate’s Meeting

We encourage Unitarian Congregations to host an all-candidates meeting, perhaps getting the party critics in a particular area of concern and focusing the agenda on social programs, health, refugees, climate change, First Nations reconcilliation, etc.  The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa is hosting an event where the MP, the MPP, and 3 Councillors will each talk about what they can do at their level to address issues of Climate Change.  Could this be a prototype?

Individual Engagement

We encourage all Unitarians to support the political party of your choice.  (To find your riding and list your local candidates, click here.) Get out and get involved.  Be a phoner or a door knocker or an organizer.  On election day, be a scrutineer or an election officer.  Help keep our election process honest and safe.

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