What you can do–right NOW–to stop the madness of continued oil sands expansion

Are you feeling frustrated with the fact that the Kinder Morgan trans-mountain pipeline project, and other pipelines, seem to be unstoppable? The Coast Protectors held a webinar this week to discuss actions that are being taken.

Inspired by that webinar, here are some actions that all of us can take, right now, to show solidary with the First Nations who are at the forefront of the anti-pipeline movement, to feel better and to be agents of change. The first is easy, the second, a bit more work, the third, challenging.

  • Go to your Twitter account and follow Chief Bob Chamberlin (@ChiefBobbyc ‏); @stand.earth;  @treaty_alliance; Eriel Deranger (@ErielTD ); @IdleNoMore4 ‏; Clayton Thomas Muller (@CreeClayton ‏). Read their tweets to stay informed, and retweet to raise awareness.
  • In the spirit of fighting fire with fire, fight money with money. Don’t spend it though, just move it! If you are a TD, RBC or ScotiaBank customer, march right over to your local branch and move your money into a credit union. These banks are funding the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) and many other fossil-fuel endeavors. TD Bank, in particular, is funding the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
  • Participate in pipeline protests.

How many of these actions are you willing to take? Do you have other ideas for actions? I look forward to your comments!

4 thoughts on “What you can do–right NOW–to stop the madness of continued oil sands expansion”

  1. We can also reduce the demand for fossil fuels by using them as little as possible.
    Drive your car as little as possible.
    Don’t fly.
    Take the train (but, again – only as needed).
    Don’t buy any new plastic. (or as little as you can possibly manage)

  2. The Kinder Morgan pipeline is a BC Election issue. So, all BC residents need to get out and VOTE! More importantly, UU members need to work to get the vote out. Sign up!

    Election is May 9th. Several MPs from the NDP and Green Party have promised to halt the project for a proper health risk assessment.


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