Senators: Please reinstate amended version of security bill

If you have been following the progress of Bill C-22, you will know that this bill, intended to improve oversight of security agencies, has thus far endured a rather tumultuous existence:

  1. On June 16, 2016: First Reading.
  2. On December 8, it was amended by SECU*.
  3. On April 4, 2017, the government overturned the amended version on Third Reading.

The latest version–without the suggested amendments that the SECU worked long and hard to establish–will likely be debated this week. After that it will be referred to a Senate committee for study.

In the meantime, CUSJ has written a letter to Senator Jaffer and copied several Senators who have demonstrated that they understand the need to limit security agencies’ power, urging them to reinstate the SECU’s amended version of Bill C-22.


The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group is running an online petition to ask the Senate to act on C-22. Consider signing it!

A comparison of the first reading version of C-22, the changes made by SECU, and the third reading version, can be found here:

*CUSJ’s brief to SECU on C-22 can be found here (click on “Briefs (4)”.



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