Chill on charities is over!

In 2016, the CUSJ submitted suggestions to amend the Income Tax Act and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policies… we are pleased to report that the CUC and​ CUSJ’s major suggested amendments were adopted! Thus, the Income Tax Act and CRA policies and administration will be amended/modified to:

  • Focus on charitable purposes, rather than activities;
  • Update a list of charitable purposes appropriate for our times;
  • Remove the 10% limit on non-partisan political activities by charities, as long as such activities are subordinate to their charitable purposes–a move which would ”dramatically change CRA enforcement activities” … and allow us all to breathe a little easier as we work for social and environmental justice!

The Minister’s statement can be found here, and we expect that the government will issue a formal reponse towards the end of June.

1 thought on “Chill on charities is over!”

  1. Great news!
    Congregations may wish to remain cautious until the legislation is amended. Until then – and perhaps after – CRA may still require charities to report in some manner on their charitable activities, which
    must still relate to the charitable purpose of the organization.


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