Holding hands for peace

The International Day of Peace is an annual holiday on September 21st, dedicated to ending war and violence.

CUSJ’s partner, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) organized Peace Circles in different towns and cities, to celebrate a much needed spirit of love and peace and spread it all over the world. CUSJ accepted the invitation of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, WOVEN and its allies, to form a Circle of Peace. In Montréal, Yoga on the Park also particpated, with their own circle of peace. Hopefully this will become a tradition!

CUSJ Québec peace circles

Here are some of the CUSJ Québec Chapter’s Montreal members posing in a Circle of Peace, complete with bilingual sign!

CUSJ Québec supports the International Day of Peace. Arms are for hugging, as the sign says!

Here are our Québec Chapter’s Eastern Townships (Estrie) members, at their peace vigil. They signed the petition to ban nuclear bombs. You can sign it too, here. You will notice that Adele Ernstrom managed to be at both events! She gets around! 😀

Peace vigil at UU Estrie. (photo credit John Mackley)

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