Trudeau: Impose sanctions to end the blockade, end the bloodshed

In the face of the Land Day massacre (March 30 2018), CUSJ was one of 40 groups that wrote a joint letter to Canadian politicians. In addition, CUSJ President has personally written to Prime Minister Trudeau on behalf of CUSJ, asking him to discontinue the odious Canadian tradition (because, after 70 years, that is what it has become) of standing idly by as Israel walks all over the Palestinian people and flouts international law.

The text of the CUSJ letter is reproduced here.

Rao also encourages CUSJ supporters to read the statement from Elizabeth May, who asserts,

“Clearly, the claims and counter-claims must be investigated by an independent international tribunal, but there is overwhelming evidence that the Israeli military has violated the Geneva Conventions and numerous other elements of international law…. Canada must not remain silent.”

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