Canada is not a corporation, Mr. Trudeau

Mr. Trudeau, lately, we are bombarded with media sound bites in which you claim that the Kinder Morgan Trans-mountain pipeline is “in the national interest”. Ahem. Canada is not a corporation. This pipeline is not in the national interest:

  1. This pipeline is not in the interest of British Columbians who bear the risk to their environment and economy if there is an oil spill. Transporting raw bitumen (versus refined oil) and increased tanker traffic will increase the risk dramatically.
  2. This pipeline is not in the interest of First Nations whose territory is along the route of the pipeline. Many of them have not granted permission.
  3. This pipeline is not in the interest of workers. Compared to the development of renewable energy, sustainable public transportation and energy conservation to homes and buildings, the jobs provided by the pipeline are but a drop in a bucket. UNIFOR is opposed to the pipeline because of fear of job losses in fishing and at an existing refinery. This pipeline will threaten tens of thousands of jobs on the west coast when (not if) there is a spill.
  4. This pipeline is not in the interest of humans and other life forms in Canada. Yes, Canada is a land with living creatures who depend on it.

In whose interest is it to build this pipeline? Kinder Morgan, an American oil company and its investors. Whose side are you on, Mr. Trudeau?

We oppose this pipeline with every fibre of our being, as you may know from the letter that our President recently sent to you.

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