CUSJ has a new webmaster :)

Methinks our new Webmaster is very well read, possibly a bibliophage… call it a hunch

The CUSJ Board welcomes a new Board member and Webmaster, Terri Palmer, who happened to be sitting right beside Cym at our 2019 AGM. This was her first time attending a CUSJ AGM! I consider this to be marvellously serendipitous, and hope that she will enjoy the chance to connect with and serve UU social-justice activists coast to coast.

Terri Palmer is a third-year divinity student at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto. She has been a member of  First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto since 2015.

Terri has a PhD in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University and taught professional writing and rhetoric for some years. She is now a freelance professional and technical writer, on contract for the summer of 2019. She has been a volunteer cat socializer with the Toronto Humane Society for over 10 years.

Terri’s primary social justice concern is climate change and its effects on all the peoples of the world. She also is concerned with women’s issues and animal welfare. 

We are thrilled to have her on board!

5 thoughts on “CUSJ has a new webmaster :)”

  1. Hello,
    I have been a CUSJ member for quite awhile.
    I see an option to donate via PayPal or Credit Card but I would prefer to pay by cheque; however, there is no street or box number, etc. where one can send a cheque.
    Have you thought of this option.


    • Hi Doug,
      We do have a mailing address. You can send a cheque to Gary Campbell, our Treasurer at: 122 – 1601 Prince of Wales Dr., Ottawa, ON K2C 3P8

      Thanks very much!


  2. Hi Terry,
    A week Sunday, the Global Justice Working Group at Ottawa First Unitarian Congregation suggested we should display items from the CUSJ web page on the TV/Monitor screen in our Fellowship Hall where a hundred or so congregants gather for a bit of lunch and coffee after Sunday service.

    If you are not familiar with our congregation, the hall is about 20′ X 40′. Near one end, a 40″ screen hangs from the ceiling. The screen is normally employed with jpeg on a USB or a laptop running Impress or perhaps PowerPoint during a presentations.

    Since the committee volunteered me to implement the suggestion, I am coming to you wondering how I can download meaningful data/images onto a a USB from your web page. Realising that displaying a full screen meant for a laptop user likely would not be readable while standing with a cup of coffee, could you help me find how to download meaningful pages.

  3. Thank you, everyone! I’m glad to be doing this. Webmastering can be a challenge, but it gives you a lot of ways to meet people and help a community grow.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested in anything in my profile or need something on the site.

  4. WELCOME Terri to our CUSJ team of peacemakers and rabblerousers for a sustainable, green environment and sharing economy!
    We’re lucky to have you on the Board and onboard!
    Margaret Rao
    Fellow Toronto First member, former CUSJ President & current Board member


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