GAZA 2020

Lift the Closure

CUSJ as an organization has signed on to this petition to lift the closure of the Gaza Strip.  The imprisonment of Gazans has gone on too long.

Thanks to those organizations which have joined the Gaza2020 call. This is TIME URGENT as it will be delivered to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) next week during the 43rd Regular Session.

Your organization is asked to sign on by midnight Sunday, June 14 to be included in the international list to the UNHRC

Also, please continue to promote the two actions:
1.the international petition to the Human Rights Council and the United Nations Member states for lifting the closure. This will be delivered next week at the UN Human Rights Council during the 43rd Regular Session.
2. Canadian citizens and residents sign the formal government petition, E-2565 sponsored by the Paul Manly that requests that Israel immediately lift the blockade and insist that Israel permanently end its blockade of Gaza;

Read more about and share the campaign with your membership

Karen Rodman (Rev)

Voluntary Executive Director
Just Peace Advocates/Palestine Just Trade
(647) 393-5494

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