Marya Nyland Remembered


Photo of Mary Nyland with Philip Symons

Photo with Philip Symons.

Marya and Philip were a very active part of the CUSJ in many ways. One was creating JUSTnews. Marya will be much missed and below a tribute by Sylvia Krogh and Alan Boyle:

Dear Marya Nyland’s Friends,

I have known Marya since she lived in Edmonton 40 years ago.

Marya has been a good and generous friend over the years – including when Alan and I would come to Victoria to house-sit and dog-sit when Marya and Philip went to Holland.

Marya has breast cancer and it has spread throughout her bones.

She has decided to have Medically Assisted Death (MAID) on Wednesday, December 15th at 3:45 PM.  She is at peace with her decision.

Alan and I visited her on Sunday to say our good-byes. I have enclosed a photo of Marya and myself in our last contact.

We wanted a way to say good-bye and pay tribute to her – so decided to have a wake in her honour. It was a warm and special experience

I have enclosed a photo I took recently of Marya, Philip and their dog, Timber.  Sadly, Timber has died since the photo.


Sylvia Krogh and Alan Boyle, Victoria

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