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Membership in CUSJ is free, however, we depend on our members and supportive congregations’ generosity to achieve our mission. Please be as generous as you can! On average members contribute $50; Some give $100 or more, to compensate for members who are less able to give.  

If you cannot afford to contribute, ask the treasurer for a waiver or a life membership in the comments section of the form.

We ask our members to make a monthly donation; if that is not possible, you may make a one-time contribution when you renew your membership each year. Choose a method:

  • Donate, Join or Renew membership online by filling out the online form below,
  • Complete the form in any copy of JUSTnews.
  • Print the paper form and send it to the address below.

c/o Gary Campbell, Treasurer
122-1601 Prince of Wales Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2C 3P8

  • You may also donate through PayPal.

Members of the board and newsletter teams are volunteers. Your donation funds the printing and mailing of the newsletter and allows us to participate in coalitions with other social justice organizations.

NOTE: CUSJ is not a charity and does not offer a tax receipt. By supporting ourselves fully, we are not constrained by policies that are set by the government of the day.

Please fill out all the starred items and choose SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.
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