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CUSJ Letters and Briefs

Demonstrating For Democracy – Rev. Frances, Katharine and Debra protest proroguing Parliament at Christmas 2009


Letter to the Standing Committee on International Trade 2012 10 25 – Canada-China Trade Deal

Letter to the Premiers 2012 10 25 asking them to intervene on the Canada-China Trade Deal

Letter to L’Association Pour La Revendication Des Droits Démocratiques supporting the Supreme Court challenge to First Past the Post

Letter to the Prime Minister 2011 02 25 calling for him to protect the integrity of parliament and of his office by firing Minister Bev Oda Letter 2011 02 25 Oda & Integrity CUSJ

Letter to the prime minister 2010-07-05 regarding the actions of the police during the recent Toronto G20 summit: G20 letter

Letter to the prime minister 2010-01-27 regarding the proroguing of Parliament: Prorogue letter

Letter to several federal ministers 2010-07-12 regarding the denial of funding to Kairos, CCIC and other NGOs: Kairos/CCIC letter

 Criminal Justice

Kingston Unitarian Fellowship on the line for Prison Farms

Follow-Up to Vic Toews’ response to our letter on Chaplain Cuts 2012 11 29

 CUSJ Letter  2012 10 06 to Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, re minority chaplain cuts in prisons.

CUSJ Letter to the Senate 2012 02 26

Senate Letter Campaign January to March 2012

Letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice on the Omnibus Crime Bill


Letter to the Mayor of Toronto 2009-01-11 deploring injustice to David Chen: David Chen letter


Letter to Congregational Presidents 2014 01 09 asking Unitarians to add fossil fuels to their list of screening criteria for ethical investment.

Letter to Ontario 2013 08 09 to support a reduced focus on Nuclear, Coal, Oil and Gas and a focus on conservation and renewable energy as they plan the energy mix for the future.

Letter to Ontario to stop renewal of Darlington Power plants 2013 08 09

Call to CUSJ to participate actively in Buy Nothing Day 2012

Letter to provinces in opposition to the FIPPA giving China too much influence over our environmental policies 2012 10 25

Letter in support of First Nations Court Case against two new Tar Sands Projects by Shell 2012 10 16

Letter to Ontario to stop renewal of Darlington 2012 10 15

Letter for ClimateFast 2012  asking for climate leadership

Letter on Federal Environmental Review on Darlington Upgrades 2012 10 15

Letter to Harper appealing for Climate Leadership and declaring a fast 2012 09 21

Letter to the Canadian Council of Churches endorsing the Canadian Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change 2011 11 15

Letter to Premier McGuinty and Environment Minister John Wilkinson calling for a full Provincial Environmental review of the Highland Quarry Project.  letter 2011 08 05 – Highland Quarry – Prov final

Letter to  Prime Minister Harper and Environment Minister Kent calling for a Federal Environmental review of the Highland Quarry Project    letter 2011 08 05 – Highland Quarry – Fed-Final

Letter to Greenpeace signing on to Darlington Declaration  Letter 2011 07 31 Darlington-Greenpeace

Letter to Minister Duguid, Province of Ontario, asking him to promote renewable energy over fossil fuels and nuclear at the provincial energy ministers’ conference.    letter 2011 07 14 Renewable Energy-Final

Letter to Mr. Craig Laing, Aggregate Resources Officer, Ontario Ministry of National Resources and to Premier McGuinty opposing the development of a large quarry near the Niagara Escarpment.  letter 2011 04 25 – Unicamp quarry

Letter to the Senate of Canada 2010-06-25 recommending they pass Bill C-311 – the Climate Change Accountability Act: Bill C-311 Climate Change letter

Letter to the federal minister of the environment 2009-11-07 urging support for the Copenhagen conference climate change resolution: Copenhagen Climate Change letter

Human Rights

Letter to Pauline Marois opposing new Quebec Charter of Values

Letter to Russian Ambassador 2013 10 21 on behalf of Greenpeace Activists imprisoned for peacefully protesting arctic drilling

Letter 2013 07 23 to the Prime Minister of Saudia Arabia on behalf of three women whose rights were being ignored (Wajeha Al-Huwaider and Fawzia Al-Oyouni and Nathalie Morin.)

Letter to all MP’s asking them not to pass Bill S-7 renewing Security Certificate Legislation in Canada 2013 02 28

Letter to the Ottawa Citizen questioning extradition decision

Letter to the Minister of Justice asking for a decision not to extradite Hassan Diab

Letter to the Prime Minister March 2012 asking him to create a list of Canadian buildings that have asbestos.  Such a list is critical for worker safety.  They have a right to know.

CUSJ Letter 2012 02 in support of Native Women inviting the UN to come and investigate the conditions for Native Women in Canada

Letter to the Canadian Council for Refugees supporting their campaign against Bill C-4, a bill that takes away charter human rights from smuggled refugees.  Letter 2011 07 31 Bill C-4 – Refugees

Coalition Letter led by Project Fly Home which CUSJ supported asking for the United Nations to remove Abousfian Abdelrazik from their 1267 no fly list.  He has been cleared of all charges by the RCMP but still does not have freedom of movement, nor can he work, because his name is on this list.  2011 06 05 Abdelrazik Coalition Statement

Coalition Letter led by the Rideau Institute asking Premier Harper to support putting asbestos on the dangerous substance list, thus requiring people who sell it to inform purchasers of the dangers.  Harper did not support this action and was the only Western leader not to.  CUSJ put its name on the coalition.  letter 2011 06 04 asbestos – Rideau Institute

Letter to all Senators asking them to expedite the passage of Bill C-389 and add gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination under the law. Letter 2011 02 14 Transgender

Letter to the prime minister 2011-02-14 outlining CUSJ objections to the proposed limitations of refugee rights in Bill C-49: Bill C-49 Refugee Policy letter

Letter to the prime minister 2011-02-14 urging action to make AIDS drugs more available by supporting Bill C-393 and a one-license solution: CAMR AIDS drugs letter

Press release 2010-11-08 regarding the Hassam Diab Support Committee: Hassam Diab press release

Letter to the Canadian Council of Refugees 2010-11-07 supporting the call for MPs to defeat Bill C-49 regarding smuggling and refugees:Defeat Bill C-49 on Refugee Policy

Letter to the Attorney General of El Salvador 2010-03 expressing support for environmental and other community leaders opposing the Pacific Rim El Dorado mining project:Attorney General re Gold mining in El Salvador

Letter to the CEO of Pacific Rim 2010-04-19 regarding the assassinations of protesters opposing the Pacific Rim El Dorado project:Pacific Rim CEO re Gold mining in El Salvador

Letter to U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy 2009-07-19 urging the release of Leonard Peltier:Senator Leahy re Leonard Peltier

Letter to the prime minister 2009-07-09 urging the restoration of full citizenship rights to Abousfian Abdelrazik:Abdelrazik letter


CUSJ Endorses letter to Obama July 16, 2012, encouraging him to stay with the course and reduce nuclear weapon stockpiles.

CUSJ Letter 2012 04 03 to sign on to a statement on Nuclear Disarmament

Document containing emails and notes (2008) for a peace resolution: Peace resolution 2008

Letter to Imam Ibrahim at Ottawa Chapter 2010-11-01 regarding the establishment of a Canadian Department of Peace: Imam Ibrahim re Dept of Peace

Letter to the editor, Ottawa Citizen, 2010-10-03 from 18 members of the UU Fellowship of Ottawa deploring the cancellation by the Defence Minister of a presentation at National Defence Headquarters by Imam Zijad Delic to mark Islamic History Month: Islamic History Talk cancelled

CUSJ Letter  July 2012 to sign on to a petition for the reduction of Nuclear weapons

CUSJ Letter supporting the Department of Peace Initiative  2013 03 04

Israel and Palestine

CUSJ Discussion Paper:  Israel and Palestine

Economic Justice

Press Release on 20th Anniversary of Federal housing cuts 2014 01 28

Letter to PM Harper 2013 11 20 asking for Housing as a Human Right and strong Federal coordinating role to get there.

Letter to Provincial and Territorial Premiers 2013 07 17 asking them to put housing on the agenda of the Premier’s conference.

Letter to The Hon. Diane Findlay to keep her commitments on housing 2013 01 20

Letter to MP Marie Claude Morin 2012 11 22 endorsing the NDP Bill for a National Housing Strategy

Letter to the PM asking for serious funding for low-income Housing 2012 11 16

Letter to the PM and the Minister of the Wheat Board asking them to follow our own law and conduct a plebiscite of farmers before killing the Wheat Board

Flyer of support and encouragement to the occupy movement 2011 11 01

Letter to Prime Minister Harper asking him to take the lead and get the provinces together to develop a consensus on a national housing policy.  letter 2011 07 25 housing


Letter to India on the dangers of asbestos.  CUSJ supported coalition of scientists and public health people.

Letter to Canadian Drug Policy Coalition to sign on to campaign for more insite-style safe injection sites across Canada.  2013 09 14

Letter to Join the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition 2013 02 21

Letter signing on to the Health Care Coalition