Become a Volunteer!

To read the CUSJ  values and mandate, click here. Our mandate is an integral part of the constitution of CUSJ, adopted at the CUSJ Annual General Meeting in Mississauga, Ontario, May 19, 1999.

CUSJ relies on its network of volunteers across the country, who keep each other informed, dialogue, critique political positions, and strategize on how best to communicate our message.  We publish a newsletter and discussion papers.  We have a website.  We can offer a worship service or a workshop for any congregation that wants to learn more about an issue or about social justice work. We develop partnerships with like-minded groups that may be working on the same issues as we are.

Anyone, anywhere in the country, can volunteer their gifts for CUSJ. We need volunteers to:

  • Help monitor the CUSJ listserve, where members exchange and test ideas relating to social justice; or to help update the listserve members list. Contact Joy Silver at
  • Be an issue monitor for an issue that you know well. You would prepare backgrounders to educate the board and the membership, and might draft letters on this issue to present to politicians or corporations.  You could also help write a brief if that were warranted.
  • Volunteer to draft a letter for the board to consider for publication.
  • Update or develop the website, depending on your time and level of skill.  You could also train others to help you.
  • Help with JUSTnews, including photography, writing, updates from your congregation’s social action efforts, participate on the editorial board, or help with distribution. Email Philip Symons at
  • Sit on our Board of Directors, particularly if you live in the Maritimes.  Directors meet with other social activists across the country for one meeting a month, and reflect on the main issues of the day.
  • Attend the meetings of one of our partner organizations, and keep us informed as to what they are doing.
  • Become a congregational liaison to CUSJ, to inform us of what your congregation is doing so that we can encourage and support you. You could also bring requests for group action, and communicate CUSJ’s activities with your congregation to enlist their support for our work.
  • Become a youth or a young adult liaison, similar to a congregational liaison, but focussed on activities for the under-30 crowd.

To contact our president to share your ideas on how we can live out our mandate, please email