Compelling Case for PR

CUSJ’s partner, Fair Vote Canada, makes a compelling case for Proportional Representation in Canada by comparing the results of the recent Canadian federal election with the recent election in Germany, a country that has had a proportional system of representation since the Second World War. See Full Article Here Germany and Canada: A sharp contrast … Read more

Site-C dam decision leaves Canadians feeling betrayed (again)

Two-thousand seventeen has been a roller-coaster year for progressives (and I write this as someone who dislikes amusement parks). We started the year on a high note, eager to usher in electoral reform, only to learn that  Liberal PM Justin Trudeau was backing out on his electoral reform promise. A big lie. However, we took … Read more

Trudeau risks populist backlash by breaking key promise

About-face on democratic reform commitment fuels cynicism, anger   TORONTO – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s abandonment of a key election promise on democratic reform risks fuelling the cynicism, anger, and disenfranchisement that resulted in a Brexit referendum victory in the UK and propelled Trump to the US Presidency.   “Justin Trudeau has broken faith with … Read more

One year closer to a proportional system for Canada?

As we bid 2016 adieu, the fate of the Canadian government’s promise to Make Every Vote Count seems to have devolved into a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ between the government and voters. Things were going along swimmingly for PR activists, right up until the moment when the ERRE committee delivered its report, recommending Proportional Representation, … Read more

Referendum on voting system open to manipulation

Non-binding referendum campaign could sow misinformation, division TORONTO – Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice (CUSJ) applauds the House of Commons Standing Committee on Electoral Reform for throwing its support behind key democratic reforms that could see Canada join its modern industrialized peers with a more proportional system of representation. However, a poorly formed referendum question … Read more

CUSJ Submits Brief On Electoral Reform

The CUSJ is proud to participate in the government’s consultative process to determine if Canadians want a new electoral system and what kind of a system we want.  They also want to know if we would support electronic voting.  CUSJ came down firmly on the side of Electoral Reform to achieve Proportional Representation.  We hope … Read more

Election 2015 campaign results

The 42nd general election is now behind us, and one can almost feel the land reverberate with our collective sigh of relief. The CUSJ championed many election-related actions on this site, and here we will review the success of each. Proportional representation campaign: huge strides CUSJ supported the Fair Vote Canada “Make Every Vote Count” Campaign to urge … Read more

Proportional Representation for Canadians (from JustNews DP 30)

JustNews Editor Philip Symon’s note: I was asked by a Board Member of Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice to include an article on proportional representation (PR) in this Autumn 2015 Discussion Paper which is appearing shortly before the October federal election. Upon searching the internet for such an article, I was surprised to find most … Read more

Election 2015: Get informed, take action

Get Informed Find out which party matches your priorities Find out if you are registered to vote (and, if not, register) Step-Up Canada:  Party Positions on Climate Change Party positions on proportional representation Check the polls CUSJ Press Release:  2015 05 18 Unanimous vote to work for proportional representation at AGM Get involved! Fair Vote Canada Campaign CUSJ supports the … Read more

Fair Vote Canada studies and votes on Alternative Vote

Fair Vote Canada is reviewing its basic principles.  Should it focus only on Proportional Representation (as it does now) or should it promote non-proportional systems like alternative vote in municipal elections where there are no parties.  What do you think? Go direct to the Fair Vote Canada page to get involved or see the links … Read more