Activists for women jailed in Saudi Arabia

Activists for Women Jailed in Saudi Arabia Shahla Khan Salter speaks out in the Huffington post for two activists jailed for trying to bring food to Nathalie Morin, once a Canadian woman, living in Saudi Arabia.  Her husband left for a three day conference leaving her no food in the house for herself and her … Read moreActivists for women jailed in Saudi Arabia

Sisters in Spirit and Walk 4 Justice

Sisters in Spirit are walking again with other aboriginal women from Vancouver to parliament hill, seeking justice and solutions for the extreme violence against aboriginal women, especially the many women who have just disappeared across the country. Ottawa Unitarians provided dinner for the final feast on September 19th, 2011. As they walked, more and more people … Read moreSisters in Spirit and Walk 4 Justice

Prostitution and Society

Prostitution remains a hot debate on CUSJ list.  Penny Kome describes why she believes we must support the Nordic Model in Canada and work to free women from sexual slavery, prostitution because of poverty, and on-going negative attitudes of men toward women, whether prostitutes or not.  If our bodies are sacred and we have inherent worth … Read moreProstitution and Society

CUSJ Listserv Discussion on Prostitution – 2010

On September 28th, 2010, Ontario Supreme Court Madame Justice Susan Himel declared the Federal Government laws on prostitution unconstitutional, effectively throwing them out. She gave governments 30 days to adjust to her ruling. The Federal Government will appeal. This situation stimulated a vigourous discussion on the CUSJ listserve, which is summarized below: First comment: If … Read moreCUSJ Listserv Discussion on Prostitution – 2010