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CUSJ is a part the Unitarian Movement in Canada that works to correct injustice wherever it may appear in the world. To do so, we communicate with those in positions of power whose influence can stop such injustices.

Our newsletter JUSTnews explores justice-related issues, with in-depth discussion papers on specific areas of concern.  This website showcases the issues we are addressing, and provides resources for congregations who wish to get involved.  We also lend moral support and (limited) financial support to other social justice organizations, in Canada and abroad.

Our work is financed solely by the membership dues paid by our members, and donations from congregations. Members of the board and newsletter teams donate their time and talents without any compensation. The money we collect funds the printing and mailing costs of the newsletter and allows us to participate in coalitions with other social justice organizations. We have not set any particular amount for a membership fee, so that anyone can be an active member. Members contribute on average $50, and many contribute more to compensate for those who cannot give as much.

Note: We are not a registered charity and no tax receipts are issues for your donation.  This leaves us free to speak our mind on important issues.

To donate to CUSJ, click the Donate button or send a cheque to our treasurer.  Make the cheque out to CUSJ.  We ask all our members to renew their membership any time after April 1st each year. Choose a method:

Gary Campbell,
Treasurer, CUSJ
122-1601 Prince of Wales Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2C 3P8