Environment and Climate Change

As Unitarians, we believe that humans are responsible for their actions and that we have a moral imperative to act. CUSJ is facing this challenge through practical actions: lobbying MPs against pipelines, encouraging congregational divestment from fossil fuels, and supporting alternative energies. For some interesting homilies on Climate Change, see Mike Bell’s blog.

CUSJ at the March for Science in Toronto, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Climate change

The 2016 Climate Change Performance index shows Canada in 56th place, out of 61 nations, placing us in the “very poor” category.

In May, 2017, two events changed the political system definitively in BC, and impacted the course of Canadian history: First, BC voters brought in a minority Liberal government on May 24th, and then, on May 29th, the BC Greens and the NDP formed an alliance, giving those parties an effective majority and making this one-of-a-kind-for-Canada alliance government. This move delighted progressives everywhere, but most gleeful of all were proportional representation lobbyists and climate change activists, particularly Kinder Morgan pipeline protesters!

A Greenpeace demonstrator celebrates the new BC alliance government and promises us that the pipeline projects like Kinder Morgan are doomed.

Get on board or get left behind” says Antonio Guterres on June 1st:

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