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Hassan Diab

In 2017, CUSJ renewed and amended the resolution that was passed at its 2016 AGM. We continue to lobby the relevant Cabinet Ministers to get the Canadian government to demand that extradited Canadian professor, Dr. Hassan Diab be returned to Canada. Ottawa members of CUSJ have worked tirelessly on Dr. Diab’s support team since the beginning of his family’s ordeal.

Hassan Diab’s Support Committee needs to raise CAD $40,000 to be able to pay the latest legal bill which is due before the end of August 2017.

How to Donate to the Hassan Diab legal fund:

1. For cheque donations: Please make cheques payable to “Extradition Legal Defence Fund” and send to the following address:

Extradition Legal Defence Fund
c/o Ria Heynen
20 Cleary Ave., Apt. 504
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3Z9

2. For donations using PayPal or credit card: Please go to the following web page and click on the DONATE button, then fill in the amount and other information.

“Bring Hassan Home” 2017 Fundraising Campaign

3. For donations Interac e-Transfer: Please sign onto your online banking, choose Interac e-Transfer; identify Diab Fund as the recipient, and as the recipient’s email address; specify the amount and complete the security question-and-answer info. (Please select a security question that we would know the answer to, such as “What is the capital of Canada?”).

Mo Harkat

CUSJ has been a long-time supporter of the five Arab Canadians detained for years without due process of law on government security certificates. At its 2016 AGM, CUSJ passed a resolution calling for a review of the current laws relating to security certificates and the suspension of a deportation order for Mohammed Harkat initiated under the previous government. We also sent a letter to John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, Jody Wilson- Raybould, Minister of Justice and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to release Mr. Harkat from all forms of custody and surveillance.

Proportional Representation

Please sign Fair Vote Canada’s declaration of Voters’ Rights. That’s how we build this movement!

Want to know more about PR? Check out this Fair Vote Canada webinar from May 2017.

Fair Vote Canada’s AGM in Montréal, on June 3, 2017, on Loyola campus, featured a wide variety of speakers, including Darren Hughes, Deputy Chief Executive of the UK Electoral Reform Society; Andrew Coyne, political pundit on CBC’s At Issue Panel and columnist at the National Post; and a panel of Québec politicos including Sol Zanetti (Option Nationale), Manon Massé (Québec Solidaire); Alex Tyrell (Parti vert du Québec); and Jean-Sébastien Dufresne (Mouvement démocratie nouvelle). There were on-site interpreters, a lunch, lots of handshaking, and a few moments of merriment. About 50 people attended.

The parliamentary vote on the recommendations of the Liberal government’s committee for electoral reform (ERRE) took place on May 31 2017. The ERRE had recommended proportional representation for Canada, without prescribing a specific model. Their recommendations were rejected.

Fair Vote Canada created this tribute two the only two Liberal MPs who broke ranks and voted YES to PR on May 31 2017.

Climate change

In May, 2017, two events changed the political system definitively in BC, and impacted the course of Canadian history: First, BC voters brought in a minority Liberal government on May 24th, and then, on May 29th, the BC Greens and the NDP formed an alliance, giving those parties an effective majority and making this one-of-a-kind-for-Canada alliance government. This move delighted progressives everywhere, but most gleeful of all were proportional representation lobbyists and climate change activists, particularly Kinder Morgan pipeline protesters!

A Greenpeace demonstrator celebrates the new BC alliance government and promises us that the pipeline projects like Kinder Morgan are doomed.

Get on board or get left behind” says Antonio Guterres on June 1st:

Occupied Territories Campaign

For the latest information, see the Israel and Palestine posts. For suggestions on how you can take action, click here.

First Nations Reconciliation Campaign

CUSJ supports Kairos Winds of Change campaign to ensure First Nations History is included in curricula at all levels in all provinces.

Security agencies

In May 2017, the government published the submissions from Canadians for revising the laws governing what security agencies can and cannot do.

For more information on security certificates, see our Security Certificates Primer.