DarlingtonMembers of the CUSJ are very concerned about climate change and the contribution that humans are making towards it through the burning of fossil fuels.  At the same time we are very concerned about the damage to the environment and the dangers for both human, animal, and plant health of many of our sources of energy.  These pages are a discussion of the pros and cons of all forms of energy, as we explore sound energy approaches for our future.

The Board of CUSJ believes we must do our best to work towards a world based on smaller, local renewable energy projects.  We also recognize the difficulty in achieving that goal in the current global climate.

2016 06 24  CUSJ Letter to Congregational Presidents recommending Unitarians add fossil fuels to their screening criteria for ethical investing.   CUSJ Survey to see how many congregations have responded.

2016 06 Clean Air Alliance report on Power Choices — designing an energy plan for Ontario.

2016 o4 23 Greenpeace Releases report:  Alberta can build 145,000 jobs in renewable energy

2016 03 29 Wind power (and solar) reach new landmark in efficiency and value.

2015 05 12 World Bank Report gives policy roadmap for developed and developing countries to move toward low carbon economy.

2015 02 Clean Energy Review on Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax in BC.

Energy Efficiency — The low hanging fruit to reduce emissions (report by Acadia Centre, 2014 11 18).

2014 01 27 World Bank Chief Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment Drive

Clean Air Alliance poll shows Ontarians want water power from Quebec, not nuclear 2014 03

Clean Air Alliance posts results of energy surveys of provincial candidates.  The proposal is for 30% price increase in order to upgrade nuclear power plants.  Sign the petition to go for renewable energy from Quebec instead

Scotland Going 100% Green by 2020 – by Juan Cole, Informed Content, December 20, 2013

Carbon Tracker highlights that Financial Institutions are beginning to worry about wasted capital and stranded assets as Big Oil and Gas companies continue to explore and develop new reserves when we already have more known reserves than we can afford to burn and still stay within 2 (or 3) degrees average temperature rise.

2013 10 11 sends brief to University of Toronto Board of Directors telling them why they should divest from all fossil fuels.

2013 09 21  French Carbon Tax funds renewable energy.

International Energy Agency report and projections 2013 for global renewable energy to 2018

Office of the Auditor General:  Commissioner’s Report on Environment and Sustainable Development.  Report gives an overview of government policies in oil and gas and nuclear including subsidies, policy direction,  issues of financial liability and preparedness in the event of oil spills and other disasters, and roles and responsibilities of different levels of government and the private sector.

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association  supports the development of wind and solar co-ops and other forms of renewable energy in Ontario.  It’s goal is to move us towards a 100% renewable energy future.

100% Renewable Energy is possible in 20-40 years if we can find the political will says Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson in January 2011

No FrackingArticle 2012 10 10 The “New Golden Age of Oil” that wasn’t — Aljazeera by Michael Klare

The Resilience Imperative and Civil Disobedience by Michael Lewis – also a book by the same title.  This article ties energy to growth and climate change.

Nobel Prize winner arrested to stop coal  (CBC News, May 5, 2012)

IMG_0612There is No Tomorrow — a half hour video that explains peak oil and gas, alternate energy sources, economic growth, and agricultural, water and soil challenges ahead of us.

Check out this video by the Jon  Cooksey  and the North Shore Unitarians   How To Boil A Frog

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