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Unitarians in Fredericton are working hard to stop the expansion of fracking in New Brunswick.  They are concerned about its impact, particularly the pollution of the water supply.  This page lists information resources and groups that are taking action. For on-going news on fracking, check out

Methane Hot spot in Four Corners due to 20,000 oil & gas wells using fracking.
Methane Hot spot due to fracking.

2016 08 16 Common Dreams, Natural Gas Hot Spot caused by fracking.  New regulations would help but the only way to deal with global warming is to leave it in the ground.

2015 12 15  Science Daily, New research on how the waste water from fracking becomes toxic.   Original research published in Applied Geochemistry Journal.

2014 10 21 ClimateProgress:  Scientists develop peer-reviewed technique to identify water pollution specifically from hydraulic fracking.

2014 10 15 The Guardian:  Unrestrained fracking will bring down energy prices and squeeze out renewables, but it won’t ultimately reduce greenhouse gases or solve climate change.

2014 09 04 Nova Scotia will legislate Moratorium on Fracking.

2014 08 28 Nova Scotia releases Independent Review on fracking.  Sierra Club calls for Nova Scotia to ban fracking as unsafe as a result of the review.

2009 — TransCanada had a huge explosion in a natural gas pipeline that most of us never heard about.

2014 02 19 The Nation:  Are the huge spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma related to oil and gas mining?

Grist 2014 02 14 Natural Gas is not as clean as we thought

Terrace Standard 2013 10 25 By Kaleigh Allen– Gas Fracking Industry is not subject to regulation or environmental standards in BC.  No one knows who is responsible to monitor.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip speaks out Friday 2013 10 18 at a Vancouver rally of 1000 in support of the people in New Brunswick who are peacefully demonstrating against fracking.  He says we will have to stand up against Harper’s War on Mother Earth.  He was referring to  theElsipogtog people’s protests against fracking in New Brunswick.

2013 10 17 APTN Report  RCMP descends on Mi’kmaq-led anti-fracking blockadeSharon Murphy-Flatt reports that the media are trying to protray a community divided, when in fact in NB, we are very much a community of Acadian, English and Native peoples. We all have been working to stop fracking for a couple of years.  We are a community based province and have taken a stand as community,for the Earth, behind the First Nations who offered their rights to all of us 2 years ago at a history making Wabanaki gathering of colonisers and Wabanaki. We agreed then to ally for the Earth’s survival and today, we are all under attack.  Follow us on facebook (Sharon Murphy-Flatt) and Send us your support.

2013 07 04 First Nations in New Brunswick protesting fracking developments on their land.  Journalist arrested by RCMP during protest, allegedly for making a death treat against an RCMP officer.

CBC The Nature of Things  Shattered Ground with David Suzuki on hydraulic fracturing – 1 hour documentary and short article.

The Council of Canadians (long-standing advocate for water around the world) runs an on-going campaign against fracking.

Alive (Natural Health and Wellness newsletter) Fracking in Canada and how to get involved.

2013 06 13 – Conflict for water develops in US between needs of fracking industry and human water supply — especially in drought-prone areas

2013 05 07 ( People in Pennsylvania are getting sick and blame the toxic pollution from Fracking 

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