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The Canadian Unitarian Council passed a resolution against Gateway Pipeline and Tankers through the Douglas Channel  in May 2013.  Many Westcoast Congregations have also passed resolutions:  North Shore Unitarian Church; Unitarian Church of Vancouver First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo.  The Unitarian Church of Vancouver took the same view as and recommended that its members divest of their oil energy stocks.

Letter to congregational Presidents recommending Unitarians add fossil fuels to their screening criteria for ethical investing.

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Toronto Star 2014 04 13 Transcanada ignores and suppresses employee concerns about the quality of the pipelines and potential for spills.

Is Canada Tarring Itself?  New York Times op ed 2014 03 30

Toronto Sustainability IMF reports level of  subsidies Canadian government is giving to big oil. ( $26 billion -Average $787 per person for every man, woman and child)

Frances Deverell, Raven, and Dewan Afzal from Bangladesh on fast and vigil for ClimateFast 2012

CTV and Toronto Star 2014 02 25 reports Enbridge not reporting all its spills and not notifying muncipalities at all.

DeSmog Canada: Canada doesn’t need more pipelines.

2013 07 23 On-going oil spills in Cold Lake Alberta — Toronto Star, Emma Pullman and Martin Lukacs

We must get off this oil addiction by reducing demand – David Suzuki, Huffington Post, 2013 07 16 in response to oil car derailments and explosions and pressure for more pipelines.  Let’s not forget climate change.

Tar Sands Healing Walk 2013 – 3 minute video

May 31st, 2013 BC says no to Enbridge — for now reports Sierra Club BC.  Christy Clark officially rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal “as it stands” in a written submission to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel. Though the B.C. government made strong criticisms of Enbridge, it did not reject the proposal flat-out. The submission reiterates conditions for approval which could be potentially met by Enbridge and other proposals that are on the table, such as the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Margaret Rao and Beth Guthrie standing against Line 9 pipeline
Margaret Rao and Beth Guthrie standing against Line 9 pipeline

Toronto Unitarians are getting involved in the Stop Line 9 Campaign.  If you are interested, you’ll find resources and strategies at this link.

Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings wants to build a First Nations energy Bridge from the Tar Sands to the West Coast.  Globe and Mail article by C.

Nathan  Vanderklippe, 2013 02 05 Westcoast Chapter presents Brief to National Energy Board 2013 02 01

Oil Sands contaminants travel further than expected – Ottawa Citizen 2012 11 14

Enbridge explains plans for Line 9 through Ontario and Quebec, Vermont and Maine to Portland

Follow the Dogwood Initiative for the latest actions and campaigns against the Pipelines.  Sign their petition.

Students gather in 2013 for Powershift.

Article 2012 10 CCPA Monitor on Moving Dilbit through pipelines and the secret Eastern Pipeline

Article 2012 10 22  – Mississippi Line  Christa Marshall, E&E reporter ClimateWire: Survey of the Politics of the Pipelines — Will they go East?

Article 2012 10 10 The “New Golden Age of Oil” that wasn’t — Aljazeera – by Michael Klare

Remembering SaskOil — From the Socialist Project, July 31st — a nice history of Saskatchewan’s venture into publically managed oil.  It worked well, and put many dollars in the public coffers.

Ontario cuts Greenhouse Gases by two thirds while Alberta focuses on coal and dirty oil – Globe & Mail

Ethical Oil: the Puppet Rap

Powering Our Future – Peak Oil and What’s Next?— A half hour video  tells the story of oil in relation to our civilization.  A summary of alternatives.  The challenges of transition to a no or slow-growth economy.

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