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Older issues of JUSTnews

Scroll down for more JUSTnews issues and Discussion Papers (in reverse chronological order)

JUSTnews Vol. 23 #1 Winter 2021 Basic Income

JUSTnews Vol. 22 #2 Spring 2020 Water

JUSTnews Vol 22, #1 Winter 2019 web: Indigenous Peoples’ Fight for Justice.
JUSTnews Vol. 21 No. 2 Winter 2017-2018: The history of CUSJ. Editor Philip Symons’ last issue.

JUSTnews Vol. 21 No. 1 Summer 2017: Security, President’s Report, Economics, Climate Change, Mining, and more.

JUSTnews Vol. 20, No. 2 Winter 2016-2017 For the post summarizing this issue, click here.

JUSTnews Vol. 20 No. 1 – Summer 2016 Covers themes of democracy, election financing, media, inequality, homelessness, and climate change.

JUSTnews Vol. 19 No. 2 – Winter 2016  What Kind of Proportional Representation?  What kind of Senate? — Philip Symonds goes through the pros and cons of different options, and complements the discussion with other related articles on Canadian Democracy.  CUSJ moves to support the boycott of Occupied Territories in Israel/Palestine.

JUSTnews Vol. 19 No. 1 Summer 2015.  The Yearning of an Activist by Rev. Melora Lynngood.  President’s Annual Report (Margaret Rao); Highlights of CUC ACM (Christine Johnston), Meet the CUSJ Board;

JUSTnews December 2014 Vol. 18 No. 2  Lead article “Harper’s Abuse of Power” by Andrew Coyne.  CUSJ President Margaret Rao’s update on the Canadian scene.  The Harper Govt’s attacks on democracy; “A political audit”, reprinted from the CCPA Monitor; “Preventing Poverty Not a Charitable Goal” by Dean Beeby; “Big Brother Wants to Watch You” by the Canadian Civil Liberties Assoc.; “One Year After Snowden, What’s Changed?”  reprinted from The Democratic Commitment; “The Oil Companys’ End Game” by Martin Golder; Proposed Platform to put before politicians for the 2015 election; “Fair Elections Act Challenged,”  Council of Canadians; Conservative MP Michael Chong’s proposal for democratic reform; and more.

JUSTnews Summer 2014 Vol. 18 No. 1 Time for a Conversation on Taxes (Murray Dobbin);CUC and CUSJ AGM reports including resolutions; The Pusuma family dilemma – a life in sanctuary; Proportional Representation (Andy Blair) and the challenges of going green at Toronto First.

JUSTnews April 2014 Vol. 17 No. 2: Recipes for more democracy; Right Relations with First Nations; CUSJ AGM; ClimateFast and Adaptation to Climate Realities and more….

JUSTnews Spring 2013 Vol. 17 No. 1 Austerity Economics

JUSTnews December 2012 Vol. 16 No. 2: Justice Heros issue. Lead article by Frances MooreLappe on the City that Ended Hunger (Belo Horizonte, Brazil.) Obits for Richard Bocking, Jean Mary McBean, and Joop Schuyff.

JUSTnews June 2012 Vol. 16 No. 1 : Democracy and Governance Issue: Lead article by George Mombiot on Conservative Ideology. President of CUSJ speaks out against Bill C-38 (Omnibus budget) as anti-democratic, anti-environment and anti-economic justice. Also report from Senate hearings on C-10

JUSTnews Spring 2012 Vol. 15 No. 2, Has Wall Street Occupied Us? and other questions of economics, democracy and equality. Lead article by Bill Moyers. Occupy Movement Issue.

JUSTnews Spring 2011 Vol. 15 No. 1: CUSJ AGM /Astroturfing Grassroots Organizations / History CUSJ-3 /Protesting Right
JUSTnews Autumn 2010 – Vol 14, No. 2 :Highlights of CUSJ AGM /Critical World Priorities /History CUSJ-2 / Sir Humphrey confronts Poverty

JUSTnews – Spring 2010 – Vol 14, No. 1

History CUSJ-1 /Problem with thinking charitably / Micro banking: Putting our principles into action.

JUSTnews -Winter 2009-10- Vol 13, No. 2

Fly to CUC ACM? / More letters on crises / Teenager invents solar panel / Youth work for 6th Millenium

JUSTnews – Summer 2009 – Vol 13, No.1

CUSJ Looks to Future / Constitutional Fairy Tales / Canada & Rights Indigenous People

JUSTnews -Winter 2008-09 -Vol 12, No. 2

2008 CUSJ AGM / Electoral Dysfunction / Global Warming & Breaking the Law

JUSTnews – Spring 2008 – Vol 12, No. 1

Economic Growth: Our Common Foe / Maximum Allowable Wealth? / Sachs on Social Welfare State

JUSTnews – Autumn 2007 – Vol 11, No. 1

CUSJ AGM Workshop / RAWA: Hope for Afghanistan? / Global Warming Solutions / Lessons on Framing

JUSTnews- Winter 2006-07- Vol 10, No. 2

War resistors’ stories / News from regions / UN and Canada in Haiti / Does wealth make us happy?

Discussion Papers (DP)

DP#34 – Autumn 2017 – The Uninhabitable Earth For the related post, click here.

DP#33 – Spring 2017 – Dark Money: Epiphany and the Hidden Trillions

DP #32 – Autumn 2016–Guy Dauncey’s ‘Back to the Future’ slideshow.

DP #31 – Spring 2016 — A Critique of the  Trans Pacific Partnership with contributions from Leslie Kemp, Cym Gomery, Bill Curry, Murray Dobin, US Senator Bernie Sanders, and Frants Attorp.

DP #30 – What Kind of Proportional Representation?  What kind of Senate? – Philip Symonds goes through the pros and cons of different options.  Reprinted from Common Ground, Issue 289, August 2015.  Prepared by Michael Dewing, Analyst Megan Furi, Analyst Parliamentary Information and Research Service http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/ResearchPubli cations/tips/PDF/tip120-e.pdf

DP#29 -Too Late to Stop Humanity’s Collapse? — Chris Clugston argues that production of energy with renewable resources will not solve our energy problem, not because of technological difficulties, but because of— well, read the article to find out. We also ask readers to suggest solutions to what the writer sees as an insoluble problem (articles of 700 words or less are best)

DP#28 -Protecting A Faith Community’s Charitable Status — A detailed analysis of Faith Communities and their right to do social or political action and retain charitable status.

DP#27 – Concerned Citizens Must Act to Avert Catastrophe:  Invites us to consider a major restructuring of our social programs and tax system based on guaranteed annual income and Land Value Tax.

DP#26 – Israel and Palestine  (A theological and justice analysis of the situation in the Middle East from a Unitarian perspective, with recommendations for action.)

DP #25 – A Plan for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

DP #24 – Paul Krugman:  End This Depression Now (A discussion of how our political and economic approach either promotes or addresses inequality.)

DP #23 – Multiculturalism, Religion, and Canadian Culture

DP #22 – A Bronze Bullet: The Spirit Level (How greater equality in society makes both the rich and the poor better off.)

DP #21 – Should Canada Build More Nuclear Power Plants? (A reflection on the best way forward for Canada’s Energy Future)

DP #20 – Why People Vote Against Self-Interest

DP #19 – Money, Banking and Financing Health Care

DP#18 What Nobody Talked About at Copenhagen: (Building the political will to make the required economic changes to address climate change.)

DP #17 – Civilization in Crisis (Revisited)

DP #16 – The Case for Electoral Reform by Andrew Coyne

DP#15 – Canada Out of Afghanistan

DP#14 – Civilization in Crisis (excerpt from Escaping the Matrix by Richard Moore)

DP#13 – How Best to Return Canada to a Peace Promoting Nation

DP#12 – Deep Integration of Canada With the US

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