2022-03-26 Climate Healing

(past) Let’s Connect on Climate Healing

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was on March 26, 2022

Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice and the Climate Healers invited you to join us in “Let’s Connect on the Climate Crisis”


Eat Plants, Plant Trees, Love Animals, Heal the Planet
Saturday March 26, 2022
10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern for 75 minutes
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Solve climate change?

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Together we can bring about the greatest transformation in human history. The Time is Now.

Speaker: Dr Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers

https://Climate healers.org

A bombshell scientific paper in the Journal, Biological Reviews, pointed out that we have been systematically misled on the biodiversity crisis. Contrary to the IUCN Red list estimate of merely 882 (0.04%) species extinct since 1500 A.D., the paper estimated between 150,000- 260,000 (8 – 13%) of all known 2 million species to be extinct since 1500 A.D.

The authors write in the concluding section:

“The prognosis for the survival of a large proportion of extant species is not good. Our review lays out arguments clearly demonstrating that there is a biodiversity crisis… Denying the crisis, accepting it and doing nothing about it, or embracing it and manipulating it is no longer acceptable. We must challenge those who battle to maintain their self-interest, and change our relationship with the natural world.

Dr Rao says: “To my recollection, I have never seen such a statement about moral responsibility in a scientific paper before.

Now, if someone told you that 8-13% of your organs are non functional and even have simply vanished, would you be sanguine about your continued health and well being? – Would you not be alarmed and expect a certain level of alarm and a high standard of truth telling on part of the doctor who is informing you about your life-threatening condition?”

Meanwhile the UN FAO is still stubbornly stuck at 14% – it still doesn’t include the land use opportunity cost of animal agriculture. Even if we could reduce our annual carbon emissions to zero, this report shows that our emissions, based on animal agriculture alone, would keep rising.

Dr Rao will be speaking about what we are facing and what we can do OURSELVES, right now.

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