AGM 2018: Let’s be the Change we wish to see


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Announcing our AGM, May 21, 2018

Are you passionate about social justice and environmental issues? Are you looking for a chance to apply your UU principles to the pressing issues of our times?  Join CUSJ at our annual general meeting (AGM) on the Victoria Day holiday Monday, May 21st.  As usual, the CUSJ AGM is held the weekend of the CUC National Conference, this year at McMaster University in Hamilton ON from May 18-20th, 2018.

When you join CUSJ, know that you are joining a movement within a global movement for social, environmental and economic change – a sea change – from the bottom up! This is what democracy looks like – using our individual and collective power for the benefit of all, on this one and only precious earth we inhabit.

We act singly and together, in small and/or big leaps and bounds. I am emboldened by the charge of The Leap Manifesto, spearheaded by author, activist and film maker Naomi Klein, and life partner Avi Lewis:

”A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another.”

I’m also empowered by U.K. author, activist and songwriter George Monbiot’s practical, positive vision:

”A new politics of belonging for an age of crisis … By coming together to revive community life, we, the heroes of this story, can change life for the better.”

As members of a progressive, ‘beloved community‘ of faith, we UUs are well positioned to take a daring leap and be the change we need to be in the world.

Standing on the Side of Love and Justice!!

Margaret Rao
President, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice

Contact Margaret Rao to order t-shirts and new banners.