Join the CUSJ

We invite you to join us! Any individual or organization can become a member of CUSJ. Congregations can support CUSJ by subscribing to JUSTnews. Congregations, individual members and organizations all ensure, through their financial support, that CUSJ can fulfill its social justice mandate and share its concerns and successes with Canadian Unitarians and the world at large.

Memberships are due for renewal every April 1st.  Memberships renewed between January 1st and March 31st are valid until April 1st the following year.

To join or to renew, choose a method:

For a description of the CUSJ and its mandate, see About CUSJ.

Our success depends on the vision, energy, and commitment of our members.

Membership in CUSJ is free, however, we depend on our members and supportive congregations’ generosity to achieve our mission. Please be as generous as you can! On average members contribute $50; Some give $100 or more, to compensate for members who are less able to give.  

If you cannot afford to contribute, ask the treasurer for a waiver or a life membership when you send in your form.

NOTE: CUSJ is not a charity and does not offer a tax receipt. By supporting ourselves fully, we are not constrained by policies that are set by the government of the day. Our voice is informed by principle and ethical practices, accountable to Unitarians and Universalists across Canada.

CUSJ Covenant

By signing up as a member you are:

▪    Declaring your agreement with our general purposes.

▪    Declaring a willingness to work with other Unitarians within a covenant, to treat one another with respect and dignity, listen to one another deeply, and try to walk in each other’s shoes as we wrestle with spiritual and ethical dilemmas.

▪    Agreeing to come forward when you have concerns, and to give CUSJ leaders your honest feedback, in a spirit of respect, so that we can be an effective and respected voice in the Canadian conversation on equity and justice.

▪    Agreeing to listen to feedback on your ideas, and to give alternative ideas serious consideration.

▪    Offering gifts of time, talent, and treasure.