Action Campaigns

Climate Change

Climate March

Climate Change is a crisis that we must confront as a civilized society. As Unitarians, we believe that humans are responsible for their actions and that we have a moral imperative to act. CUSJ is facing this challenge through practical actions: lobbying MPs against pipelines, encouraging congregational divestment from fossil fuels, and supporting alternative energies. For some interesting homilies on Climate Change, see Mike Bell’s blog.

Palestine and Israel

Incidents related to the occupation in Gaza continue to make news headlines each week–here a child has been killed, there a rocket has been launched, next there is zealous retaliation… Will it ever end? See our Israel-Palestine Action Campaign to get involved to work for peace.

Palestine 2

First Nations Reconciliation

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report came out in June 2015, with 94 Calls to Action.  The Canadian Unitarian Council and Unitarian Congregations across the country are making reconciliation and real change for our Indigenous brothers and sisters a priority.  See our Reconciliation Action Page.

First Nations

 Democracy Action Page

CUSJ voted at its 2015 AGM to promote Proportional Representation for Canadian elections.  See Democracy in Canada for ideas on how to move forward.

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