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Note: See also CUSJs action campaign on this issue.

Unitarians across Canada are concerned for peace in the Middle East.  We deplore the treatment of Palestinians but we also hold that it is important that Israel exist.

2016 01 15 Middle East Monitor Home Demolition in Ramallah continues.  EU considering action.

Evangelical Christian Religious Fanaticism drives American Support for Israel even when it is against America’s Interests. by Glen Greenwald. 2015 04 15

Peace Will Elude Us Unless We Treat Palestinians Dignity — ex-Mossad Chief – The Times of Israel, 2014 12 15

Speech by the Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan KCMG MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton, Great Britain, highlighting the illegality of the settlements and Israel’s true intentions.

Jimmy Carter’s Assessment of the Solutions in the Guardian 2014 08 05

Does Hamas use Civilians as Human Shields?  Peter Larsen interviews a Gazan expatriot.

New York Times:  2014 06 09 – Does Roger Cohen find the middle ground?

UK Security Company G4S decides to end Israeli Prison Contract (The Electronic Entifada 2014 06 06)

Bill Gates Foundation divests from UK Security Company G4S because of involvement in Israeli Prison system (, 2014 06 06)  The Website “End the Occupation” reports that:  “Bloomberg News has confirmed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation divested all $184 million of its holdings in G4S following an international, Palestinian-led campaign urging the foundation to end investments in the British private security company that helps run Israeli prisons that hold and torture Palestinian prisoners. In the U.S., G4S also operates privatized juvenile detention facilities and works with Homeland Security to detain and deport people across the U.S./Mexico border and transport immigrants to detention facilities nationwide.  On the heels of Gates’ divestment, public pressure from well-known leaders, and activists’ disruption of the company’s annual shareholder meeting, G4S announced that it intends to pull out of Israeli prisons completely. Until it does, the campaigns targeting G4S will and must continue, but this welcome announcement shows the incredible power of divestment and international pressure.”

2014 03 18 Rabble.Ca  Amnesty International and The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Occupied Palestinian Territory provide up to date statistics on numbers killed, incarcerated, injured, detained and searched, and displaced from homes for new settlement construction in the West Bank.  Call for stronger support for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions ) aimed at all production in illegal settlements of the West Bank.

Legal Analysis of Settlement Products and EU re businesses in Illegal Settlements

UK Investigating Security Company doing business in Settlements 2014 01 07 Jim Armitage, The Independent

The Obligation to Withhold from Trading in Order Not to Recognize and Assist Settlements and their Economic Activity in Occupied Territories  International Humanitarian Legal Studies 3 (2012) 344–385 By Tom Moerenhout.  (Article supports boycott, and considers stopping trade with settlements an obligation of states.) Full article available from  Summary of Arguments

2013 07 24 In Gaza after Israel bombs tunnels — What’s it like?

2013 07 3-7 Anglican Synod resolution

2013 07 26  John Kerry’s Peace Process Dead on Arrival.  Israel issuing 1000 new building permits in West Bank.

2013 07 16 European Union takes tougher stand on Israeli Settlements – The Guardian, Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem

2013 06 25 United Church of Christ and Mennonite Central Committee vote to divest — article in End the Occupation (US Campaign to end the Israeli Occupation)

2013 06 12 Christian Churches refuse to be intimidated and support the United Church stand. Article by Peter Larson, Chair, Education Committee on Israel Palestine, National Council on Canada Arab Relations.

2013 05 31 United Church votes to Boycott three Israeli companies (article in Middle East Monitor)

Oil and Gas are causing major tensions (Cyprus, Israel, and Gaza) Omega Letter Commentary, 2012 06 25

CIA Report suggests Israel may not survive as a Jewish State.  Predicts it will be gone in 20 years.  Press TV 2013 03 30

Independent Jewish Voices article July 2012

Kairos Palestine – A Moment of Truth

United Church Working Group Report pp 79-108

Investment in Palestine no substitute for divestment from oppression

United Methodists divest 2013 06 25

israel-palestine-report – United Church General Council 2009

Jewish and Palestinian Women speak out for peace –  Statement of Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center 2012 11 21

Letter 2010 01- Israel-Palestine calling on the Canadian Government to play a neutral, mediator roll between Israel and Palestine.

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