Standing on Guard for Justice

See two new letters under Action, Human Rights.

CUSJ joined other groups in calling for the defeat of Bill C-49.  This bill will treat all refugees as if they are automatically terrorists and will keep them incarcerated for a year or more while their case is being investigated.  Whatever happened to Canada as a place of safety against persecution in the world?

CUSJ has also joined the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group to call for a stay against the extradition of Hassan Diab, a former University Professor who is facing extradition charges to France for a 1980 bombing incident.  The case against Hassan Diab contains contradictory information and information from unknown witnesses — not even known to the French Courts who requested the extradition.  There is a potential that these witnesses could have been interviewed using torture.  Canadian standards of law are at risk if this extradition is approved.

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