Vandalism against Jews in Montreal unacceptable

“The Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada and the Canadian Unitarian Council condemn the recent acts of vandalism against Jewish institutions in Montreal. We are committed to a society based on mutual respect, where people are free to express themselves and practice their beliefs, provided those expressions do not endanger or harm others.

Acts of terrorism, no matter whom they are directed against, have no place in a democratic country wherein abide both freedom of religion and the rule of law.

Let us commit to resolving our differences through peaceful dialogue.  Let us all work together to make our Canadian communities safe for all people, including our Jewish friends and neighbours.  We must take a stand against violence and oppression in all its forms.

We call on the police to vigorously investigate these incidents and find who is responsible for them.”

Rev. Julie Stoneberg, President

Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada

Jennifer Dickson, Executive Director,

Canadian Unitarian Council

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