Buy Nothing Day

Letter 2012 11 14 To Membership – Buy Nothing Day

Written by Debra Mair, Member at Large, CUSJ Board

The CUSJ Board decided to follow up our Climatefast action with other actions starting with Buy Nothing Day, November 23rd and 24th, 2012.  See the full action on our environment page.   Find links to Adbusters which also recommends we consider Buy Nothing Christmas.  In addition, a good CBC link shows a route to getting control of your debt by taking on the “110-thing challenge.”


2 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Day”

  1. My computer was not working when you sent your message. Now I have a new computer
    so I just saw your email today (Nov. 20)

    I want to be a member of CUSJ.

    • Vivan, if you go to the cusj website and look under get involved, become a member, you can find a form there to print off and send in with a cheque. Tell us if you want to be on the discussion list or facebook page to be part of our discussions. Great to know you are still surfing out there on the internet.

      Rev. Frances Deverell


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