Conservatives renew Security Certificate legislation. Stop S-7

ICLMG fight against Bill S-7 The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group has flagged the Conservative move to extend the security certificate legislation so they can continue to arrest people and hold them indefinitely without knowing who their accusers are and without seeing the evidence against them in a legal trial.  Urgent to write all MP’s now. … Read moreConservatives renew Security Certificate legislation. Stop S-7

Stop the Mega Quarry in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County

The county continues its struggle to preserve prime agricultural land for agriculture: Newsletter 2014 03  Melancthon residents – the mayor, farmers, residents -share their opinions on the proposed mega quarry that threatens the area’s agricultural industry. Highland sells land to Bonneville Financial, A Farmland Investment and Management Firm. This wonderful farmland will continue to grow food. … Read moreStop the Mega Quarry in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County

Tar Sands Updates

Westcoast Chapter of CUSJ presents a brief to the National Energy Board making a business case against the Enbridge Pipeline Proposal. Globe and Mail Article on Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings.  A Group of First Nations people envision an energy corridor controlled by First Nations to bring oil from the tar sands to the West Coast. … Read moreTar Sands Updates

CUC Resolutions Feedback Month

February is CUC Resolutions Month There are many resolutions coming before this year’s annual meeting at the May Conference and AGM.  Some relate to governance, active democracy, CUC voice, and 3 are related to social action.  One relates to climate change, one to the Enbridge pipeline, and one calls for the repeal of C-31 – … Read moreCUC Resolutions Feedback Month