CUC Resolutions Feedback Month

February is CUC Resolutions Month

There are many resolutions coming before this year’s annual meeting at the May Conference and AGM.  Some relate to governance, active democracy, CUC voice, and 3 are related to social action.  One relates to climate change, one to the Enbridge pipeline, and one calls for the repeal of C-31 – the new refugee act and replacing it with something closer to Canadian values and within the UN Convention on refugees.

Congregations are strongly encouraged to call meetings in February and discuss these resolutions.  This is the time to provide feedback and suggest changes.  When the resolutions come to the meeting in May they can’t be amended.  This is your chance to get involved.  We encourage all CUSJ members to discuss these resolutions and provide their feedback.

The full resolutions with action plans can be found on the CUC Website

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