JustNews Summer 2016 and Discussion Paper TPP

Anti-TPP rally in Washington D.C., April 2015

Discussion Paper #31 

A Critique of the  Trans Pacific Partnership with contributions from Leslie Kemp, Cym Gomery, Bill Curry, Murray Dobin, US Senator Bernie Sanders, and Frants Attorp.




L-R Jim & Marcia Stevenson, Lynn Armstrong, Karl Perrin & Mary Bennet; Martin Settle, USC

See also our Summer 2016 Issue of JustNews.

Covers themes of democracy, election financing, media, inequality, homelessness, and climate change:  Why Minority Governments by Rafe Mair; CUSJ AGM report by Christine Johnston; CUSJ Board resolution in support of Hassan Diab; Institutionalized Bribery Survives in Canada by Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch; Media Centralization by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May; Fairness in Canada’s Tax System by Lindsay Tedds; Refundable Tax Credits Could Reduce Income Inequality by Miles Corak;  Guaranteed Annual Income Tested by Muriel E. Wiens; Wealth and How the Rich are Regaining Power in Brazil by Gwynne Dyer;Poor, White, Angry, and Dying Younger by Trevor Hancock; Homeless Need a National Plan, Victoria Times Editorial;Climate:  Time To Do What is Necessary by Elizabeth May; US Children’s Environmental Rights Upheld by Patrick Brown.

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