Economic Justice

Canadian Council of International Cooperation – 2016 01 21 – Transforming Our World, A Canadian Perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Put Food in the Budget — a discussion paper on the unsustainable reliance on Food Banks December 2014

Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa 2013 Report Card

Upworthy:  Who is Abusing Welfare the Most?  The people?  Or the Corporations?

CUSJ votes to support COMER who is taking the Federal Government to Court.  COMER wants the Bank of Canada to fulfill the mandate for which it was designed – to ensure a liquid supply of money is available for the Canadian Public social agenda.

Interwoven Coops are one model of a different type of economy described in the film, “Shift Change.”  The Steel Workers are exploring another new model – The Union-Coop Model with the Mondragon area of Spain.  How will the conflicts between labour and management be handled in such a model?

Canadian Dimension 2014 03 27   Report on Govt policy re Mining/NGO Partnerships in Developing Countries, and the Economic, Environmental, and Human Rights Consequences.

Social Impact Bonds – A critique by the CCPA Monitor, 2012 11 21 – give private banks a government guaranteed 7-15% profit to fund proven social services.

MSN News 2013 10 04  Switzerland goes to vote on Guaranteed Monthly Income of 2500 Swiss Francs ($2800)

End This Deptression Now — New book by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman; The austeri

ty agenda is not the right solution.  Government should be stimulating the economy after now a 5th year of depression since 2008.

QUEBEC STUDENT’S MAPLE SPRING – The Guardian, May 2nd 2012   Maple Spring – Quebec Student Protests Photo by Rogerio Barbosa

New Report on Canadian Well-Being Index shows Well-being not recovering like GDP (October 2012

Canada Embarks on new low-wage policy for immigrants – threatening all Canadian wages (Toronto Star, April 27, 2012)

Canada’s Poor Have Just Become Poorer – Huffington Post, April 29, 2012

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