Unitarians have long been peace activists.  We don’t hold any consensus on specific issues such as total passivism vs. the possibilities of just war.  Nevertheless, in a spirit of dialogue, we lean strongly towards anti-war solutions and non-violent conflict resolution.  We have a strong presence at the United Nations through the UU UNO, and were instrumental in helping with the formation of the International Criminal Court.  Our second principle — “to promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations” and our sixth principle — “the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all” guide us.

Wondering about Canada’s war in Iraq, Syria, and earlier, Libya?  Read Peggy Mason’s take on it in CeaseFire 2015 04 03

2015 02 Kofi Anan and Gro Harland Bruntland recommend strengthening UN responses by 4 changes to Security Council

The Nation 3014 03 03 Analysis of Ukraine situation and the multi distortions of North American media.  Look more deeply at this issue.

The Tyee – Murray Dobbin 2014 03 10 on the Ukraine situation.  This is real reporting with great detail as to who did what when.  It documents concerns that the West is supporting a regime full of nazis and anti-semites.

UU UNO Director’s Letter October 2013

Captures major themes going on at the UN and speeches from Baird, Obama, HASSAN ROUHANI, President of Iran, BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister of Israel, AL HADJI YAHYA A.J.J. JAMMEH, President of Gambia, giving their unique viewpoints as to the main important issues and how they can be resolved in the middle East and in Syria and Iran.  Covers the attacks on homosexuality in Iran.  Amnesty International nominated  Imam Baba Leigh for the African Human Rights Defender award.  Very interesting moment in time.


Cry Beloved Country — An ode to a country and an explanation of how Egypt ended up where it is.  by Uri Avnery 2013 09 12

The Arms Industry and Military Disarmament

National Geographic Article on what it would take to disarm Syria’s chemical weapons 2013 09 12

The long term impacts of depleted uranium (in Iraq) is a story not covered in the news.  If we follow it, we’ll find American and British war crimes that are unaddressed by the international community.  by J.B. Gerald 2013 July Bulletin #24

 New Arms Race with American Drones – Huffington Post 2012 11 27

CUSJ Letter  July 2012 to sign on to a petition for the reduction of Nuclear weapons

CUSJ Letter 2012 04 03 to sign on to a statement on Nuclear Disarmament

Other Peace Issues

Article by Chris Hidgens from the point of view of a war veteran.  What does war do to you?  What do you become?

CUSJ Letter supporting the Department of Peace Initiative  2013 03 04

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