JustNews – Spring 2010 – Vol 14, No. 1

Justnews V14 #1 Inequality and public health (will open in its own window)

Cover Story

Want The Good Life?  Your Neighbours Need It Too.  Interview of Richard Wilkinson by Brooke Jarvis.  Discusses the impact of inequality on public health around the world.

Other Articles

The History of Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice — Part One

Unitarians in Action Around the Country

Careful Words and Dumb Thoughts by Don Vipond

The Problem With Thinking Charitably by Rob Wipond

Micro Banking — Putting Our Principles into Action by Lisa Greenly

Copenhagen and Post Kyoto Negotiations Lead to System Change, Not Climate Change by Terisa E. Turner


Book Review

Jeffrey D. Sachs, The End of Poverty, review by Stephen Lewis

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